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  • Volunteer Generation Fund Grant
    Volunteer Louisiana is excited to announce approval of the 2018 Volunteer Generation Fund Grant award which will focus on enhancing disaster volunteer focused actitivies and initativies in Louisiana.

    See below for the Executive Summary of the Grant award.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Executive Summary

    With the 2018 Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) grant, the Volunteer Louisiana Commission will collaborate with Governor's Office on Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) on a multi-phase initiative to address volunteer recruitment, retention, and management in three phases of the disaster cycle; preparedness, response, and recovery.

    Volunteer Louisiana will address disaster preparedness through a statewide media campaign targeting unaffiliated volunteers, the development of training and resource videos for volunteers, and the recruitment of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Citizen Corps teams. Volunteer Louisiana will address disaster response by utilizing online volunteer management and social media tools to connect volunteers with volunteer opportunities. Volunteer Louisiana will address disaster recovery by recruiting and training government and corporate volunteer teams and establishing a sustainable pool of disaster volunteers statewide. Volunteer Louisiana will also provide volunteer management best practice training to non-profit and disaster focused organizations throughout the year.

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  • Other Grant Opportunities
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Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders (FCDR), a Volunteer Generation Fund Summer of Service grantee, provided 368 days of volunteer service with volunteers logging almost 4,000 hours rebuilding homes in Livingston Parish that were affected by the 2016 floods. FCDR offers a nice volunteer compound complete with a bunkhouse and eating quarters in Livingston parish for volunteers serving with their organization.  Leda Thompson with FCDR states "We are very grateful for the help in giving our volunteers a positive experience and a deisre to come back and help again".  Disaster recovery and rebuilding from the 2016 floods continues in southern Louisiana.  If you are interested in volunteering with disaster recovery orgnizations, contact our Volunteer Louisiana office at 225-342-6289 or [email protected].