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Helping your neighbor has long been a core value in Louisiana. Volunteers make a positive difference for others while deepening their knowledge and commitment to their communities. According to the most recent data from the 2021 Volunteering and Civic Life in America Report, over 783,000 Louisiana residents volunteered through an organization contributing an estimated $1.2 billion in economic value to our state.

  1. Over 1.8 million residents helped their neighbors in the height of the pandemic
  2. 21.9% of residents formally volunteered through organizations
  3. 95.9% of residents talked to or spent time with friends or family
  4. 53.4% of residents informally helped others by exchanging favors with their neighbors
  5. 70.4% of residents had a conversation or spent time with their neighbors
  6. 19.6% of residents belonged to an organization
  7. 41.8% of residents donated $25 or more to charity

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Louisiana’s volunteer management system helps connect Louisiana volunteers to service opportunities in their community. Use the search filters for distance, impact area, age-range, or skills needed, to find opportunities you care about. Users can also search for AmeriCorps or Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) opportunities.

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Resources for Organizations

Organizations across the state are encouraged to share their volunteer opportunities through Volunteer Louisiana’s free volunteer management system. Built on the Galaxy Digital platform, this statewide system provides robust tools for volunteer administrators to promote service opportunities and manage volunteers. Volunteer Louisiana also provides free services for recognizing outstanding volunteers.

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Resources for Disaster Volunteer Organizations

For every dollar FEMA spends on public assistance, the state is required to contribute a non-federal cost share. This can cost state and local governments tens of millions of tax dollars in times of disaster. However, the value of volunteer hours and donated goods can be applied as a non-federal cost share, thereby saving state and local tax dollars. The value of volunteer hours and donated goods must be properly documented to qualify. Please visit the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness resource pages for detailed information.

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