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Angie & Preston Seaux

Volunteers with Acadiana Animal Aid

This husband and wife team give everything they have to Acadiana Animal Aid and the pets we care for. Whether fostering, managing onsite facilities projects, strategizing about enrichment improvements, creating and managing fundraisers, assisting with adoptions, helping with hurricane and natural disaster recovery efforts, facilitating humane education programs, and supporting our staff whenever we need it, Angie and Preston are an integral part of our mission and operations. They embody selflessness and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our cats, staff, and all shelter pets have what they need to find their adoptive homes. 

These two amazing volunteers were a huge part of our cat wing renovation. They designed, built and installed wall-mounted cat boxes and enrichment-shelves, and worked with other volunteers to re-paint the cat wing. They also built a screened-in porch for our Cat Cottage, which has been incredibly useful in preventing our cats from escaping and getting lost. These types of facility projects are made easy with Preston and Angie volunteering their time and ideas.

Angie and Preston are also always there to come to the rescue when natural disasters or hurricanes strike. They live close to the shelter and will pick up staff, or come on their own, to make sure our cats and shelter pets are cared for. In October of 2020, our facility sustained significant damage after Hurricane Delta. Multiple staff members were unsure of how they would get to the shelter to care for our animals, but Angie and Preston already had a plan in place and a route to pick up staff. Because we were understaffed that day due to damage throughout the region, Angie stepped in to care for all of our cats in the isolation ward and Preston made sure the facility was running properly, our water was functioning, and was an integral part in troubleshooting how to create more air circulation when our air conditioning wasn’t working due to the storm. 

Not only are they dedicated to making our shelter operations run smoothly, the Seaux’s are also dedicated foster parents. Angie has helped to raise so many of our cats from bottle babies to social butterball kittens. She once spent several months raising ant-bitten bottle babies that were found on the side of the road. She cared for them throughout their ringworm treatment and even helped with their adoptions.

Angie and Preston Seaux have been an integral part of our volunteer program since 2017. Together, they have volunteered over 800 hours of their time to our organization and to helping our animals in whatever way they possibly can. We are so thankful for their selflessness, we couldn’t imagine Acadiana Animal Aid without them.


"Volunteerism shows the strength of Louisiana's character and the resilience of our spirit." - Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser 

Last year, more than 929,000 Louisiana residents volunteered, contributing 81.1 million hours of service at an estimated economic value of more than $1.9 billion.

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